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Monday, February 8, 2016

Horn Knot Tightened to Saddle Horn

Had a customer a couple of weeks ago buy a big horn knot to go on his saddle horn. Most people who have been buying my knots have been tying them onto their horns themselves, but I do offer the service of tying it for them. So he brought me his saddle last week and I found time this weekend to knock it out. I had originally tied a 8Lx9B THK with a gaucho interweave or 17Lx19B gaucho knot, but when looking a the circumference of his saddle horn, I decided to reduce the number if bights. So, I retied the horn knot, this time a 17Lx15B gaucho knot. It took a three go-rounds of tightening. I got a little anxious when starting the last round by tightening too much, and by the end it was pretty tough to pull the line through. But after two hours or so of work I finally finished. The horn knot is made of a single strand 3/16" Solid Braided Nylon. Around 20 feet of cord when the knot was loose and then pulled out another 8 feet or so after it was tightened.