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Friday, May 9, 2014

Finished Horn Knot

Here is what a finished horn knot looks like when tied onto the saddle horn. I did this for my brother before a big ropin' of his. I'm sure he will get a couple inquires about it.

The paracord used is called Viper, and was bought from Supply Captain.

The size I used in the final knot was 8 high and 7 wide.

The unfinished knot at the bottom right was tied around my hand, and then took out about 3 high when I got ready to put it on the saddle horn.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Flashlight Shape Up

I had a couple of flashlights hanging around so I decided to spruce them up a bit.
The red Maglite has a long 4 bight Turk's Head coupled with two Spanish Ring knots. You can see how to make both of them here (credit: Stormdrane) and here respectively.
The silver flashlight is one I had in my desk that a manufactures rep gave me. The blue knot is a 7X6 doubled Turks Head knot coupled again by two white Spanish Ring knots. The loop was done with a diamond stopper knot in the middle and two white 3X4 Turks heads on the either side.