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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Yeti Cup Cover

I have some gutted maroon and white paracord that I wanted to utilize. Gig Em Aggies! The base knot is 13Lx10B THK, then added a pineapple interweave of maroon, then added another pineapple interweave of white. This makes it a three pass (over 3, under 3). It fits perfectly around the cup, and is pretty snug.


  1. Hi Ben
    I want to make this cup cover and have been trying all week. I'm able to start with a 5l4b but this is too skinny to be a yeti cover. Any idea where I can find a run list maybe so I can follow it all the way to 13l10b?

    1. Beca,
      Have you ever tried the Advanced Grid Maker? It is an extremely helpful resource when setting up more complicated knots. Be sure to read the how-tos and watch the videos.