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Monday, August 4, 2014

Halter Part 1

So my next big project that I'm currently working on is a horse halter for my brother. He chose the type of paracord which is a blue camo with a reflective tracer braided through it. The reflective tracer actually works and is pretty cool in the night.

Part 1 of this project entails the lead rope portion of the halter. I started with a four strand round braid and worked it about 2.5 inches long. Then I folded it back on itself and continued the length of the lead rope with an 8 strand round braid. Without a core this part ends up working itself into a square/rectangular shape which is pretty cool.

I braided the rope about 7 feet or so until I got to where I wanted to end this part. So next I split the 8 strand round braid into two 4 strand round braids. With each of these 4 strand round braids I tied a diamond stopper knot with two cords, then took the other two cords and doubled it.

In the end it came out real nice, and I will continue to follow this type of process for the main part of the halter.