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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Knots on a Broom Handle

Here's some more knots I've tied from Tom Hall's Turk's-Head Knot Tips.

I've posted a couple of these earlier, but they look 100x better after being tightened down.

The ones with the gaucho interweave will make great horn knots, and is probably how I will tie them from now often. Only because it looks cleaner and won't stretch when pulled apart. Even though the other way to tie a horn knot isn't pulled apart rather pushed together, it still kinda bothers me.

Each one of these can be tied with two colors (ex: the second one), but the top and bottom one are done with one continuous strand. I prefer it that way, unless requested otherwise, because it provides less ends to be cut and melted when you are done tying.

From top to bottom on the mandrel (old broom handle):
5X6 Casa with Gaucho Interweave
7X6 Casa with Gaucho Interweave
7X6 Casa with Pineapple Interweave