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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Spanish Ring Knot Fix

My brother had a headstall which kept sliding up into the horse's eyes. So I used some 1/8" solid braided nylon and tied a couple of Spanish Ring Knots. These worked perfect. They are tied tight enough where they will not slide around. But, if you want to re-position them, all you need to do is twist them. Works the same way as threads on a nut and bolt.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Nylon Keeper, plus some Horn Knots

I had a request for a Keeper that had the ability to be size adjustable. I started with a four strands 6 feet long, found the middle of each strand and started a four strand round braid. I made the four strand round braid about and inch and a half. Then I folded the braid to create an eye, then started an 8 strand round braid. The 8 strand round braid is done for about 16 inches. I then tied a constrictor knot to secure the braid in order to tie a stopper knot. I tied a 4 strand diamond stopper knot, then doubled it with the remaining 4 strands. Now that the stopper knot can be pressed through the eye, with a little force, I wanted to make sure it can be strongly secured. So, I tied a Spanish Ring Knot, tight enough that it wont come undone, but loose enough that it will slide nicely. I then tied a couple more Spanish Ring Knots down the braid from the stopper knot. This will make the size of the Keeper adjustable. In other words you can make the loop of the keeper have smaller diameters.

The cord I used is 1/8" Solid Braided Nylon. A total of 26 feet were used.

I went ahead and included another picture of some horn knots I finished.
Full view of the Keeper

Diamond Stopper knot followed by Spanish Ring Knots

Round braid eye followed by a Spanish Ring Knot

7X8 THK with Gaucho Interwave, used for Horn Knots
The horn knots are tied from 3/32" Solid Braided Nylon.